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Health & Wellness

LifeStyles’ Health and Wellness Program takes a holistic approach while fostering services and programs to encourage staff and clients to lead a healthy lifestyle.

LifeStyles partners with multiple service providers to assist with an array of health information and activities that meet the needs of our diverse community. We strongly encourage families to choose healthy behaviors for the betterment of themselves and the surrounding

Community Health Worker
Our Community Health Worker takes the lead to conduct community activities and promote health and wellness, as well as helping to prevent the spread of diseases, death, and disabilities. Special attention is paid to communities with barriers that prevent them from receiving the assistance that is available by providing them with the sources of lower cost, better care, and improved outcomes.

Community Canvassing
Through community canvassing, we take a proactive approach to identifying important health issues affecting local residents, as well as the unique factors that contribute to them. We gather information to help us develop strategies, in partnership with other local agencies and organizations, improve access to services, information and other resources so that we can enhance health and wellness throughout our communities.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Minority Outreach & Technical Assistance (MOTA)
The Minority Outreach and Technical Assistance (MOTA) program began in 2001 under the auspices of the Cigarette Restitution Fund Program (CRFP). MOTA was established to implement the Cigarette Restitution Fund Act’s provision requiring outreach and technical assistance to minority communities to ensure their participation in the tobacco and cancer community health coalitions. Minority communities include African Americans, Pacific Islanders, Asian Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, and American Indians. Today, MOTA’s expanded focus now includes major health disparities that affect racial and ethnic minority communities such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infant mortality, obesity, and asthma.

Additional Health & Wellness services include:

  • Pre-diabetes outreach and education
  • Hosting and attending health screenings
  • Increasing participation in preventive health activities
  • Coordinating flu and other needed vaccinations 
  • Supporting COVID-19 testing
  • Promoting the “Healthy Business” program
  • Providing clients access to behavioral health services
  • Engaging a diverse community in health-related issues

For more information, email Resources@lifestylesofmd.org.