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The end of March brought the end of the Safe Nights season.

With the support of many local churches, organizations and volunteers, LifeStyles provided food and shelter to well over 100 men, women and children during the coldest months of the year. Along the way, many of these individuals and families gained access to a network of resources dedicated to helping them discover support, stability and growth that will allow them to move past homelessness and into a more secure lifestyle.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the necessities of social distancing meant new challenges in housing those in need from October through March. At local churches, capacity was limited to allow for sufficient spacing. To make up for it, LifeStyles arranged for families to be housed in a local motel, where wi-fi was available for children to use for their online school.

Despite the pandemic, the Safe Nights season was an extraordinary success.

In all, 59 households and 112 people were sheltered. It adds up to a total of 4,447 nights spent indoors, in a warm bed, rather than on the streets amid the often harsh winter conditions.

Individuals were given COVID-19 tests prior to being admitted into Safe Nights shelter. LifeStyles and the Charles County Department of Social Services also worked with these individuals and families to assess their situations and connect them with additional assistance and more permanent housing options where ever possible.

The results were encouraging.

  • 16 households moved into housing with friends or family

  • 10 individuals moved to the Fuller House (for men) or Martha’s House (for women and children)

  • 9 households moved to the Angel’s Watch shelter

  • 7 households transitioned into permanent housing

  • 5 households remain in additional shelter provided by LifeStyles

  • 2 households are now renting their rooms from the motel

  • 1 household went to a crisis house

Though Safe Nights has ended until the fall, continue to work with our community partners to find shelter for those who are homeless. Many households are also now also facing the threat of eviction due to financial hardships related to the pandemic. Supportive funds may be available to help. We encourage those in need to contact us at 1-866-293-0623.