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We are not here to give a handout. We are here to offer a hand up.

That philosophy has guided LifeStyles of Maryland for more than two decades. And it’s at the heart of the stories that we’ll share here in our new blog.

LifeStyles was founded in 1998 as a nonprofit organization and a compassionate care center, addressing the needs of our Southern Maryland community and providing essential

services to the economically disadvantaged.

We are blessed and grateful to have the support of a dedicated team of staff, volunteers and community members. We’ll use this blog to shine a light on their generous spirit and the amazing work that they do each day to bring help, hope and transformation to the lives of those in our community who need it most. We’ll share stories that show the difference that we’re making — together — right here in Southern Maryland.

At LifeStyles, we set ambitious goals. And these are the goals we’re striving for:

  • Everyone who needs and wants shelter will be sheltered
  • No child will ever go to bed hungry
  • Everyone will have access to quality and affordable physical and mental health care
  • Each family will become self-sufficient
  • Everyone who can work will be able to earn a living wage

We’re not there yet. We’re making progress every day.

If you’re just learning about LifeStyles, we hope you’ll support our mission in whatever way works best for you. If you’re already a supporter, tell a friend about LifeStyles and our new blog. Invite them to have a closer look.

Together, we can be the change in Southern Maryland.